How Can I Save Money with Microsoft Teams Integration?

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If you’re looking to extract more value from your investment in your phone system, you’re in the right place. With the help of our experts, you can finally have your business’ telecommunication solution running within your familiar Microsoft environment.

Empowering Remote Workforce

Wouldn’t you like a single solution that takes care of all your business communications across the enterprise? The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution changed the way we work forever. While the business world is moving to remote workers, many workplaces aren’t designed to handle the needs of the gig economy.

For remote employees to stay connected to customers, management and the rest of the workforce, they need a robust communications solution. Fortunately, you can seamlessly integrate your business phone system with Microsoft Teams and improve communications and collaboration across the enterprise.

Seamless MS Teams Integration

Empower your employees today by providing them with a true enterprise communications solution they can access from any location and MS Teams-compatible device.

However, integrating any telephone system with Microsoft Teams can be very challenging. Trifecta understands what your options are and can provide you with the best integrated custom-built solution that takes care of all your communication needs.

Not only can you achieve cost efficiencies with our seamless integration but you will enjoy improved productivity and better collaboration across the enterprise.

Enjoy Cost Efficiencies with MS Teams Integration

Getting access to the inbuilt Telephony feature in MS Teams will cost you — heavily. While Microsoft Teams delivers enterprise-level collaboration, you can gain greater cost efficiencies by adding on your existing phone system — especially if you’ve invested heavily in phone lines and hardware.

Rather than relegate your existing investment in physical phone equipment, you can integrate them and get the best of both worlds.

You continue to enjoy ROI from your telephony investment while leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams to deliver your telecommunications solution to remote employees.

The Trifecta Difference

Trifecta has channeled over 10 years’ experience in communications networks and IT project management into enabling seamless system integrations for enterprises. Our engineers deliver world-class integrations that allow you to use MS Teams as a hub for telecommunications.

No matter their location, your employees can communicate through their preferred channels and make voice calls using the telephone lines they’ve been accustomed to.

Do More with Less

By leveraging our integrated solution, you can extend the capabilities of your MS Teams. Your employees can collaborate simultaneously on PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. and still make voice calls from the same touch points.

Our engineers can handle the integration as long as you have an MS Teams E1 + Phone System license , or E3 license + Phone System license or an E5 license and your phone system can connect with SIP trunks.

By integrating your business phone system with MS Teams, you don’t have to change the way you work or your phone number. You can still leverage your existing business phone number and avoid the hassle of getting a new one.

Enjoy amazing benefits when you integrate your PBX/ PABX phone system with MS Teams. You can:

  • Recoup the investments you’ve made on your existing telecommunications solutions while enjoying improved features
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to a flexible telephony solution on your terms
  • Improved work performance and collaboration
  • Allow your agents to work anywhere in the world and still dial customers as if they are on-premise
  • Easy-to-use access to dial your customers
  • Avoid high telephone bills or VPN’s
  • One-stop hub for all your business communication and collaboration needs

With our integration, you can make calls on MS Teams just like you use your regular on-premise phone. What’s more, your employees can communicate from their laptops, smartphones, and tablets or using existing office phone hardware.

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