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  • Trifecta Telephony
  • November 9, 2020

ShoreTel & Mitel Backup Scripts

This article will show you how to configure ShoreTel & Mitel Backup scripts to work with a shared network drives. This tutorial will focus on setting scripts up for the primary HQ or DVS. As easy as this seems there are some syntax sensitive areas and the entire process needs to work flawlessly in order…

  • Trifecta Telephony
  • March 11, 2020

Unable to delete ShoreTel trunk group

Summary Are you trying to delete a trunk group in Mitel Connect (previously ShoreTel) and you just keep getting this blue bar moving across the screen over and over? Quick Note: Please be sure that all user groups have this old trunk group removed from the Outgoing trunk groups section. Today we will go through…