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Trifecta’s Billing Engine Can make Your Life Easier

In today’s competitive marketplace, fast and reliable communication is key to maintaining good customer relationships. Integrating Twilio APIs into your business apps allows you to better communicate with your clients and customers. Twilio makes it super easy to enable messaging, voice and video conversations within your mobile and web apps.

12th of July, 2020 UPDATE:

Trifecta Billing Engine is now called Twilio Billing Engine –

Twilio Partner Challenges

Although Twilio’s voice and SMS capabilities can take your business communications to a whole new level, you may encounter a few challenges with using the platform. These challenges include:

  • No options for customizing your pricing to your customers
  • Unable to view more than 30 days of phone calls.
  • If you give customers access to the Twilio portal to make small changes, then they can see your billing rates.
  • All calls are in USD and UTC format. You need to spend lots of time converting to your preferred currency.
  • Some may find Twilio’s billing data is presented in a cumbersome way, making it difficult to work with.

Also, you need a way to manage and monitor your accounts after integrating Twilio communications with your business apps. While the Twilio portal comes with several management features, it doesn’t have all the features you need. For one, navigating through and understanding Twilio’s billing features and logging data can be quite difficult.

To gain maximum ROI from your Twilio investment, you need a solution that provides you with more options for managing your Twilio account. This would provide you with more access to your call center data as well as the ability to customize Twilio’s billing and pricing.

Building such a custom tool to provide you with the requisite functionalities would take up significant financial resources. Thankfully, you don’t have to hire developers to build one from scratch.

Enter the Trifecta Billing Engine

Essentially, the Trifecta Billing Engine is a simple, intuitive tool that makes Twilio work the way you want it. It provides you with full control over Twilio’s billing and pricing, enabling you to customize these features any way you want.

Trifecta has channeled over 10 years’ experience in communications networks, IT project management and enabling seamless system integrations for business, into building a tool that facilitates a seamless Twilio management experience.

Benefits of using the Trifecta Billing Engine

The Trifecta Billing Engine addresses the major pain points that businesses encounter when using Twilio. Some of its benefits include

  • Easier management of call center call history. Not only can you access more data about your call logs but you can also review calls that are over 30 days.
  • You no longer have to spend time converting calls on Twilio to your local currency and time zone. Trifecta’s Billing Engine reduces your workload by automatically making these conversions.
  • You can provide customers with a custom portal where they can access/track their calls.
  • Using Trifecta’s Billing Engine enables you to set your own per-minute rate and bill your customers accordingly. You can set a pricing rate for Twilio calls/text that makes business sense for you and is also beneficial for your customers.
  • As a service provider, you can finally white-label your billing and services using this tool. You can access various options for customizing Twilio pricing for your communication services, whether voice, SMS and video.

Although Twilio enables integrated business communications across multiple channels, its default admin platform offers limited features.

Whether you’re part of or intending to join the thousands of businesses using Twilio’s web-based APIs to power their communications, understanding your billing data is key to cutting costs and improving profitability.

In Summary

Trying to track Twilio pricing on your own is costly and prone to errors. Stop wasting time and money and start managing your call center more efficiently with the help of the Trifecta Billing Engine.

It allows you to access your Twilio billing data in one simple platform anywhere, anytime. Get real-time insights into your usage data and costs and save money on every message and call by customizing Twilio pricing on the fly.

The Trifecta Billing Engine puts control of your Twilio pricing back in your hands. Get in touch today and see how much easier Trifecta can make your life!