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5G Telecom Towers

5G and the Environment: What Are the Risks. For as long as technological progress has been made, misinformation and mistrust have accompanied our developments. Take, for example, the recent wave of destruction caused by the belief that 5G towers were linked to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

However, while there are some theories that sound outright ludicrous, others may be rooted in truth. One of the main concerns that some people have about emerging 5G networks is whether or not they will affect our health and the environment around us. 

To better understand the implications of such a network, let’s take a closer look at why these concerns exist and whether or not they will impact us. 

What is 5G? 

For many, the term “5G” simply tells them that their network should perform better than previous iterations. However, few know what 5G truly is. 5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile technology. 1G introduced analog voice, 2G allowed for digital voice, 3G introduced mobile data, and 4G propelled us forward with mobile broadband. 

5G cellular networks will improve upon our previous networks by providing us with benefits such as higher data speeds, improved reliability and connectivity, increased network capacity, and ultra-low latency (although further improvements will need to be made as the transition is made from 4G to 5G). 

If you rely on your connectivity to stay connected and efficient in work and in life, this new network is extremely beneficial. That said, it is not necessarily without its concerns. 

5G: Radiation and environmental concerns 

The first concern that people experience when learning about 5G or other cellular networks is whether or not it has the potential to damage their health. This is due to the fact that radio waves are a type of radiation, but not in the way you think. 

There are two types of radiation: ionizing radiation like x-rays or gamma rays and non-iodizing radiation like radio frequency radiation. While the former can be harmful to DNA and cause cancer, the latter poses no risk to our health and safety as numerous studies have shown. This means that, yes, 5G is safe to use and the technology that powers it will not cause cancer or other health problems. 

The next concern is directed towards the environment, especially certain populations of species like birds and bees. While it would be excellent to have an answer as simple as the one above, the truth is that there is a lack of clarity and agreement in how much animal and insect populations are affected. 

Less controversial research will say that radio frequency radiation may affect the internal magnetic compasses of these populations but that the effects are able to be overcome naturally. Others disagree and say that these signals impact the health and well-being of certain species. Some studies may even provide conflicting results

Of course, along with some of the more reliable sources of information, there are social media stories and conspiracies that say these cell towers and signals can kill birds and bees. Be wary as these stories can often seem convincing enough to draw you in and make you believe that cellular signals are indeed at fault.

Unlike the potential impact of 5G on our own health, the studies regarding how 5G affects the environment can range from encouraging to worrisome, with no clear indication of what is right and what is wrong. The best way to come to your own conclusion is to conduct further research on these topics and learn how these arguments are being formulated. 

Until we can reach a general consensus on the true impact of cellular signals on other living organisms, this will likely be a topic of debate that will require further exploration and solid results. 

Navigating today’s network 

As our telecommunications networks grow and improve, we must seek to improve our own technology and infrastructures to evolve with the times. That said, figuring out how to do this on your own can be quite difficult. 

If you are looking for ways to improve the network that you rely on for business use, consider reaching out to a telecommunications company like Trifecta Telephony that can assess your current systems, determine where improvements can be made, and deliver the products and services needed to do so. Tomorrow begins here!